5 Minutes With Tendai Mtawarira



We catch up with Tendai Mtawarira, aka the Beast, to speak about rugby, grooming and his strict diet.

By Keletso Modisakeng

Pictures: Supplied

1. Sportsmen have a bad reputation for not having a personal grooming regime. What are your beauty essentials?

My daily essentials include using a good deodorant to last during the days when I am super active, like the Vaseline Face Wash, moisturiser and body lotion. Taking care of your skin is important.

2. Beards are still trending. Are you looking to shape and trim yours or will you let it grow naturally?

I am all natural, so I will be leaving it as is.

3. How does grooming differ for men with facial hair versus those without?

I always have facial hair so I honestly don’t know the difference.

4. How important is it to use sunscreen?

No matter the skin colour, sunscreen is needed. I use it a lot during training, especially in the Durban heat.


5. It’s not a secret that rugby boys are known for their toned legs. How do you train differently from other athletes?

We gym hard and focus a lot on strength and explosive conditioning.

6. How do you keep the rest of your body fit during the season?

Our bodies are fully conditioned from head to toe with the training we do. Believe me!

7. Do you have a strict diet?

You are what you eat, so diet is very important. But, you can spoil yourself a little bit with Mama’s cake.

8. Do all the Boks have a routine diet and fitness they have to follow?

Yes, individually everybody has their own routine or diet to keep them in top shape.

9. Does your family have to adapt to your eating habits?

Yes they do, thanks to my wonderful wife.

10. What advice do you have for men interested in rugby?

Just enjoy the game for what it is. Make the most of the opportunities you get and make lots of memories.

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