Get her love back

5 ways to get your ex back

Get her love backIf you play your cards right, it’s possible for you to reconnect with your ex. Here’s how…

So, thoughts of rekindling your love with your ex have crossed your mind and exploring the idea seems more exciting than pursuing a new love interest. After all, ‘better the devil you know than the devil you don’t’ as they say.

The truth is, once the silver cup is broken it can be a bit challenging to get that love boat rocking again, and depending on why you broke up in the first place, those old wounds might still not have healed. We look at five things you can do to rekindle after a separation:

Keep it simple

Take it easy. Don’t go on a shopping spree buying your ex the whole mall. Simple things like saying the words from your heart will send her right back into your arms. Say them and mean them. This way your real intentions will shine through. When your intentions are clear it’s easier to reconnect and win her back.

Focus on the good

Zooming in on the bad traits your ex has and constantly hoping they would change them will not revive the love quicker, in fact it will indirectly give you more reasons not go back there. Find a new way to deal with the annoying little things she does and highlight the good ones. Compliment her and when she tries working on one bad habit, take note and thank her because it’s encouragement to keep it up.

Give each other time

Spend more time together. Take some time away from your normal day-to-day routines and go somewhere to be alone. This will help both of you remember the finer things that made you fall in love in the first place. Do things you both enjoy and avoid places that may hold bad memories for the two of you. Like places you had huge fights before.


Spend more time talking and listening to each other. Be honest and avoid hiding things that may surface in future, jeopardising the relationship. Share your thoughts, dreams and goals together. Also, take a deep interest in her dreams and what she wants to accomplish and assure her that she has your full support.


Cut all ties with any of the flings you may have had during your time apart. Start with a clean slate. Anything that may hold you back must be eliminated. Focus on this person and them alone. All the best.

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