Guys go out without their girls

How to Survive a Boys Night Out

Guys go out without their girlsIf you’ve watched the movies Hangover I and II, you would have a rough idea on how guys can turn up into total oblivion. Single or not, boys’ nights out are always wild, radical and out of control, much like unleashing wild animals to roam free. We look at some of the things you can do to avoid regrets the morning after a boys’ night out:

Only drink what you are familiar with

Mixing drinks, especially trying new ones you’ve never seen before, will only have disastrous results. You will be banging walls with your head, walking out of the club and possibly vomiting too, embarrassing yourself in the process. Tomorrow morning you will further deal with a worst head-splitting headache and maybe memory loss of everything that happened the night before. So, it’s always safer to stick to what you know.

Don’t make empty promises

When people are intoxicated they over-promise things. If you know you won’t be able to deliver it, then don’t promise someone that you will. This could be anything from promising people money, a job, marriage, the moon and the sun, etc. just don’t promise anything if you’re in that state. If you are cornered, rather be straight forward with an honest answer. You’ll gain respect from your peers this way.

Respect yourself in public

Be it at a soccer match, a “hang out” at a local chisa nyama or pubs; always carry yourself with respect as you don’t know who may be watching. The guy sitting next to you could be your future employer or client, and the last thing you want is to put what you represent under a bad light, especially in front of a prospective employer. Social media platforms are rife with party reports in the form of pictures or videos. Seeing that prospective employers perform social etiquette background checks on their candidates before signing them up, you may need to ensure your name is only associated with tasteful deeds.

Don’t drink and drive

This has been iterated to death (excuse the pun).  It’s always safer to use a meter taxi when you have plans of drinking into a stupor. A lot of clubs or public places where adults enjoy alcohol never run dry of these private taxis and they are available 24 hours on end. Make use of them and spare your life and other road users’ lives.


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